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Peplum & Overall Samples (REPS ONLY)

Regular price $25.00
Fabric A: 1512 (Cassidy) 18-24m LS peplum
Fabric B:1513 (Tifty) 18-24m LS Peplum
Fabric C: 1514 (Alyssa) 5T LS Peplum
Fabric D: 1515 (Heidi) 3T LS Peplum
Fabric E: 1516 (Jessica) 4T LS Peplum
Fabric F: 1517 (Kassie) 18-24m LS Peplum

Fabric A: 1507 (Makayla) 3T Overalls
Fabric B: 1508 (Erica) 3T Overalls
Fabric C: 1510 (Ashley) 18-24m Overalls
Fabric D: 1506 (Erica) 3T Overalls
Fabric E: 1509 (Ciley) 3T Overalls
Fabric F: 1511 (Lexi) 2T Overalls

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