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Rep Samples 5/25

Regular price $25.00
3T bubble romper purple/unicorns tank
6-12m bubble romper watermelon combo tank
2T bubble romper stripe/summer print short sleeves
4T bubble romper floral/solid light pink tank
0-3m bubble romper floral/coral polka dot tank
12-18m bubble romper bees/mustard short sleeves


Size Item Fabric
12-18m Jogger Shorts mocha
4T Jogger Shorts olive
3T Jogger Shorts heathered burgundy
2T Jogger Shorts navy
2T Jogger Shorts charcoal
4T Jogger Shorts hot pink
4T Jogger Shorts oatmeal
4T Jogger Shorts red
2T Jogger Shorts neon orange


purple (top): 1615
unicorns (bottom): 1618
watermelon top: 1624
watermelon bottom: 1623
stripe (top): 1626
sweet summer (bottom): 1625
ballet pink (top): 1617
painted floral(bottom): 1622
coral pin dot (top): 1619
white mountain floral (bottom): 1620
mustard (top): 1616
bees (bottom): 1621

mocha: 1569
olive : 1555
burgundy: 1627
navy: 1579
charcoal: 1570
hot pink: 1629
oatmeal : 1567
red: 1630
neon orange: 1628